Julian’s Aura for ‘Tana’ by Errol Davis

Julian's Image

Tana – Errol Davis

After our tour through the park, Julian selected the sculpture Tana by Errol Davis. While most students worked in a small group, Julian decided to create his aura alone.

Julian liked where Tana was placed and the way that it blended in with the trees. He thought it made good use of space and appreciated that it had many viewpoints. He described it as free flowing and noted that he found that appealing. Right away he had the idea of it emerging from the Earth and wrote, ‘I may incorporate that into an Aura if possible – animation is difficult.’

It did take him several days, but using Adobe Photoshop and iMovie, Julian was able to create an animation of the sculpture slowly rising from the ground with a transparent background. The video below demonstrates how a viewer can touch a button to make Tana rise. While the video shows Tana rising in its original place, by tilting and turning a smart phone or tablet , a viewer can further augment reality by causing Tana to rise in other locations.

Tania’s review of Julian’s Aura

This was clever both technically and in subjective thought. He was determined from when he first saw the work that this was a response he wanted to communicate, I think for both its technical challenge and the subjective response it communicated to him. The strength of this whole project was of course this handing over of the creation of the learning activity to the students and the students really relished the power of expressing their own thoughts and ideas. I think Julian’s is another example of this pleasure in being independent in presenting their thoughts and responses. I guess rather than having to listen to those of their teachers.


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