Project Outline

In mid August, two students from Year 8 and their Visual Arts teacher, along with Nerida and Cathie, attended an Augmented Reality Symposium at MacICT. The workshop, was run by Danny Munnerley and Matt Bacon from the team at AR Studio, located in the University of Canberra INSPIRE Centre, and Rob Manson and Alex Young both co-founders of buildAR. They introduced the Project Team to the history of AR and provided a showcase of how AR can be used to transform education. The presenters also explained from a technical point of view how AR works and provided some hands on opportunities for the team to experience and create an AR activity.

Chris In October, the Project Team grew to contain thirteen more students from Years 8 to 10, and another member of staff from the High School, a Technology and Applied Science teacher. The original Project Team ran a one day workshop for these new members, covering much of what they had discovered during the symposium, as well has hosting a workshop exploring a selection of digital visual art activities and a discussion about the teachers’ and students’ experiences of learning with technology.

The following week, the Project Team came together to spend four days designing and developing AR projects in response to a selection of sculptures in The Macquarie University Sculpture Park.

The week started with a tour of the park. Leonard Janiszewski, a curator from the gallery, spent time with the Project Team, sharing with them the history of the park and taking them to see a selection of the sculptures. That afternoon, planningthe students chose a sculpture they would like to design for – most choosing to work in a small group, though a few did decide to work individually on their project. Together, the team discussed imaginative ways that they might enhance a visitor’s experience of a sculpture using Augmented Reality.

To create their AR projects, the Project Team were provided with accounts at Aurasma Studio. There they could create a channel where they could organise and host their auras. The team spent Monday and Tuesday in at MacICT. This gave them easy access to the sculpture park and to video cameras and a blue screen for filming. Having collected the images and film they needed, the team returned to their school on Wednesday and Thursday to complete and publish  their designs.


The Project Team created videos, animations, audio tracks, links, surveys, commentaries and interactive menus using iMovie, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Elements, Keynote, Survey Monkey and GarageBand.


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