Georgia, Daniel and Nikhil’s Aura for ‘Entropy’ by Anthony Pryor

Entropy – Anthony Pryor

Georgia, Daniel and Nikhil chose to design for Entropy by Anthony Pryor. Georgia had a strong emotional response to the artwork, commenting that it made her feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. She was attracted to the number of elements included in the sculpture and its depiction of weather. Georgia liked that the sculpture was in a high traffic area and thought it would provide her group with many creative possibilities: ‘I was intrigued as to the many effects I could apply to it and had wondrous thoughts of the many things we could change.’

The group worked together to create four overlays for their Aura. The first that is triggered is a layer of rain, thunder and lightening that plays on the screen of a viewer’s smart phone or tablet. This significantly changes the reality of those visiting on a bright, clear day. Georgia, Daniel and Nikhil used Adobe Fireworks to create the effect. Once this overlay is complete, viewers can select from three buttons. One takes them to the week’s weather forecast, one brings Georgia into the scene to share some details about the artwork and the final button launches an information video that plays full screen. The students used Adobe Photoshop to create buttons that they linked to websites and media files. Georgia was filmed in front of a bluescreen and the footage was then edited in Adobe Premiere Elements.

Tania’s Review of Georgia, Daniel and Nikhil’s Aura

This connection was clever and fun! and yet so obvious I suppose, but again it engages the audience and maintains that the viewer is learning and understanding more bout the work. ( I found it took people a moment to connect the weather effects to the sculpture, it required then to really look at the work and identify the connection. I was impressed by the link to the daily weather… this is a true gen x/z approach, almost “app” like in its inclusion…This is a evidence of the power of the students devising these learning activities, they are connecting to a culture significant to them.


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