Rachel, Susie and Sammi’s Aura for ‘Algoid’ by Errol Davis

Angel 1

Algoid – by Errol Davis

Rachel, Susie and Sammi had a very strong emotional reaction to ‘Algoid’ by Errol Davis. They decided to design an aura for the sculpture that captured how they felt. The girls wanted to create an aura that was mysterious, intriguing and even spiritual in nature.

Susie wanted to include sounds that were loud and shocking to scare people and Sammi pictured an angel or spirit coming up from a grave. To create this effect, the girls rattled the sculpture and recorded the sound it made. Rachel was filmed mimicking an evil angel in front of a blue screen.

Using Adobe After Effects CS6, they then edited and adjusted the footage to create a series of short, startling clips of a dark angel appearing from out of the sculpture.

Rachel, Susie and Sammi were also curious about the name, Algoid. They found out that is came from an Arabic word meaning evil star. The video that follows the Evil Angel aura explains how the girls wove together this meaning with their own translation of the shape of the sculpture.

Tania’s Review of Algoid’s Aura

Needless to say this was an incredibly interesting interpretation of this sculpture. It was quite theatrical and the image speaks strongly to the audience. The visual interpretation is excellent and certainly engaged the audience. As an art teacher it is fantastic to see a visual image interpreted with another visual image! If that makes sense?  This re- presentation of the sculpture is quite a sophisticated approach incorporating influences from the students responses to the sculpture which are then moulded by their own experiences (a true appropriation!) considering the image they ended up with was adapted from a pop culture movie.


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